Dorote Lucci PhD Research and Consulting for Wellness

Business consulting Collage 300There are tremendous opportunities for organizations, clinics, companies and centers to introduce internal programs for employee wellbeing and group coherence that support a healthy organizational growth additionally those that are providing mental health and wellness services will benefit from increasing their success through new programs and services.

I help develop custom programs that help organizations understand the new media landscape and translate their messaging into sound and meaningful messaging, increase their employee and customer engagement, attract and retain more employees and clients. This ultimately will increase revenue streams and improve the bottom line with new and differentiated services.

Few businesses have the resources or expertise to research, design and develop new programs to address their client’s complex needs and focus on their strategy and internal human resource development. I can help your organization or business grow and expand through new, adaptive and differentiated capabilities.

Research and Consulting Services

I work with clinics, wellness centers and health-based businesses to design programs that are research based and complement existing services.  Your clients and your employees are looking for solutions that will bring about wholeness and well-being.  By investing in new and differentiated services, and offerings you can increase the number of visits per client, the responsiveness of the organization and potentially find new ways of creatively reaching out and supporting transformation.
Some of the Past Research in the field of Psychology and Media Psychology:

Doctoral Dissertation
Lucci, D. (2020) The mitigation of the Fear of Death through Digital Immersive Experiences.

Book Chapters
(Weyers) Lucci, D. (2020). Virtual Reality as a Tool for Mental Health and Conscious Living and Death: Immersive Contemplative Approaches to Existential Anxieties: In McCallum K., Morie J.F, Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts and Roles of Immersive Media. IGI Publishing. (pp. 430-452)

Media Articles
Lucci, D. (2018). Transformative Technology, Meditation, and Quality of Life. September 9th.

Lucci D. (2017). Solutions in Virtual Reality for Dementia and Alzheimer’s. September 1st.

in addition to the design of individual services that can be delivered, I build and deliver workshops to reach specific audiences and that can be delivered in a variety of settings.


2019 “AR/VR/MR. Science and Tech-disrupting wellness and health care, and sports.” Digital Hollywood Spring and Fall Sessions. Skirball Center, LA, CA.

2019 “Designing for Psychophysiological Transformation-designing perception shifts for students”. Chegg Inc. Designer and User Experience Annual Conference. Chegg Headquarters, Santa Clara, CA.

2019 “Digital Contemplative Experiences.” Mind and Life Summer Research Institute. Garrison Institute, NY.

2018 “Media for contemplative experiences dealing with anxiety and depression.” Mind and Life Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

2018 “Reducing Death Anxiety through VR.” SAC, Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, Conference. Sofia University Conference Center, Palo Alto, CA.

I can either deliver the workshop on site, or I can design the workshop and train the trainers so that your staff can provide the workshops throughout the year and in any location.

Many organizations and businesses can benefit from an assessment by an outside expert to determine areas of improvement and opportunities for growth as well as additional insight in programs that are no longer speaking to the needs of clients.   I can provide an audit and assessment of your programs and services provide a detailed report of recommendations.

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Benefits to your Organization

  • Find new innovative and creative ways to resolve internal group communication blocks, provide an outside perspective on improved organizational flow, address diversity and inclusion, instill new flow and invigorating existing programs based on organizational culture and identity.
  • Differentiate your organization or business from other services and attract more new clients as well as retain more of your existing base.
  • Establish more points of interaction and more reasons to engage with your customer base to extend and strengthen your relationships in cost effective ways.
  • Drive innovation in your business by sourcing the time, resources and expertise unavailable in your own staff.