Products & Services

Products & Services


Get the benefits of neuroscience and integrative therapy everywhere you go.

With StarflightVR on iTunes

With StarflightVR on Google Play

Transport yourself to visionary spaces designed for neural integration.

With options to help you sleep, meditate or get energized.

With Flow for Breath

Breathe along with various integrative therapy techniques and

quickly find yourself more calm, happy and focused.

Our manual for usage with StarflightVR:

StarflightVR User Guide

Manual for FlowforBreathVR Manual


Individualized coaching to help individuals and groups achieve their potential and to find wholeness.

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Customized business consulting to organizations seeking to add mindfulness and wellness services into their overall offerings.

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Find the calming StarflightVR app on Google Play and Apple. It is one of its kind a mix of wellness principles and relaxation. StarflightVR on Google Play Please follow me in the pursuit of aligning neural changes and experiences of peace and stress relief with new products and apps on twitter and Facebook

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-Proven methodologies to improve your mood

-Tools and methods to guarantee clear thinking

-Process to improve decision making skills

-Stress release for all personality styles