About Dorote Lucci PhD

Personal Philosophy:  Why I do what I do

Dorote Lucci PhD has a private practice where she focuses on the wellness of her clients using mindfulness, integrative psychology, contemplative practices and clinical hypnotherapy. She helps people manage and heal their anxiety, existential anxieties, depression and stress resulting in positive life changes. She is focused on personal development and addresses blocks at their core through individual and group support. She addresses uncertainty and transitions with flow awareness and life transition coaching. Resulting in whole health healing.
She facilitates support groups at the Bay Area Cancer Connections and leads the Mindfulness Meditation Class there. She is an adjunct professor of Psychology and acts as a subject matter expert in Transpersonal Psychology course development. She has facilitated workshops, gives presentations and talks. She is versed in complementary and alternative healing practices and believes in addressing limiting beliefs for quality of life improvement.She is focused on bringing tools for Wellness through many immersive techniques including innovative technological solutions that are supportive and gentle. CoreReboot. Having noticed a need in her clients for gentle and playful tools to achieve peace of mind she co founded Embodied Inc in 2014. The first app for reprogramming habit patterns called Worry Bubble (Apple app store) was born in the same year. In 2015 she created CoreReboot and brought out StarflightVR, a mobile Virtual Reality experience, that brings all the areas together that she is enthusiastic about. Innovative tech, healing therapies and a neuroaesthetic approach to delivering information as well as an orientation towards Depth Psychology. With CoreReboot she continues to create apps and products that bring us into the present moment and enable us to take the first steps towards stress reduction, anxiety management and meditation.

“Your attentiveness, compassion, expertise in counseling, leadership in facilitating, and meditative practice were just what we needed. Due to your leadership and skill implementation, I left feeling my needs were met and had more physical energy than before I attended. I felt relief, gratitude & had enough energy to accomplish several tasks before midnight – ” D.P.

Her background includes a Master in International Management, cross cultural management and marketing strategy as well as complementary medicine practices, interpersonal neurobiology, a Master of Clinical Hypnosis, spiritual practices and psychology.She has a Phd in Psychology with a concentration in Transpersonal Psychology and cognitive neuroscience. She loves the connection between neuroplasticity, human behavior and the possibilities available for us to change our patterning and habits.
She is fluent in English, German, French and Spanish. She loves poetry, art and blogs for the Huffington Post.

“I address blocks and limiting beliefs at their core to increase personal quality of life. I am motivated to create innovative avenues for social change and awareness that can bring about rapid and lasting change.”

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My Background and History

From a young age I was fascinated with the human psyche in its many forms. I was passionate about literature and loved my history classes and later chose to major in world literature and world history in college.

Later I continued to find so many gems along the way. Some of my studies were more in the energetic direction and others more pragmatic, down-to-earth skills like coaching. I have always been fascinated by human beings, whether this is in the expression of trends or whether this is in the pursuit of the individual him or herself as with psychology.

After a lifetime of working with holistic healing and transformation, I decided to devote my time to helping people by applying my unique background and experience with those that are not currently served.

I am both a right brain and a left brain thinker and often my clients are too and need that balanced approach to become whole themselves. With a master’s degree in international management and a deep understanding of cross-cultural communication and international marketing, I am able to speak the language of individuals with similar backgrounds needing to understand themselves and their experiences.

In my own journey I sought to create synergies in the most unexpected ways- like combining corporate experience with multidisciplinary wellness, Mindfulness and spiritual nourishment.

Probably the greatest teacher for me was the journey of Motherhood! I learned the most valuable lessons in guiding my teenagers on the road to self-compassion, happiness and integration despite learning differences.

Education and Modalities

In addition to a Masters in International Management and a Bachelor’s degree, my research has focused on immersive solutions (both digital and non-digital) for transformation, existential anxieties and grief mitigation. I have studied and apply more than a dozen different modalities such as neuroplasticity, transpersonal methodologies and psychological cutting edge tools.

Also find me and my Virtual Reality apps and products for anxiety and depression at CoreReboot

CMCH #700-010

Additional Certifications:

  • Compassion training
  • Focusing
  • Cross cultural and conflict management
  • Mindsight-neuroplasticity system
  • Psychological applications of ayurvedic herbs
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Geomancy
  • Homeopathy
  • Shamanic studies
  • BodyTalk
  • Mindfulness Training
  • HeartMath
  • Reiki
  • Meditation practices from various systems.