Emotions as a tool

Emotions as a tool

Do you react to your emotions?

Do you engage in a dialogue that can feel like it is unending after feeling an emotion?

If we are able to let emotions pass through us like the wind and express that which is necessary in the moment and finally let them go with grace, we will be able to live our life fully and find peace at the same time. Emotions are there as neuropeptides in our body. They actually signal to us way before we become aware of our arising emotions. It is a a means of communication, a way to direct our focus. What we do with that focus then, is entirely up to us. If we engage in a dialogue with the emotion or worse yet, believe that we actually are the emotion instead of just feeling them-we are caught in our own story of ego. This is the difference between “I am feeling angry” and “I am angry”. If we manage to stay in the moment and notice the arising emotion with curiosity and non-judgement we can learn from it and move on…sometimes this will take a split second, sometimes it will take a little longer.

The opportunity is to become aware of what the emotion wants to tell us.

Then we have a choice, we can think clearly, we become non-reactive. At that moment in time we are able to take action which is non-reactive, clear, in the best interest of all concerned. We will then achieve an entirely different result than from a place of reactivity. We will be living our life fully and at peace at the same time.


I recommend the “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace B. Pert for further reading on the topic.