Experience calm, clarity, strength and stress release. Get into a state of FLOW through integrative psychology

“This release ofstress is what I am looking for! I feel much clearer and calmer! Thank you!” S. , Palo Alto


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Flow for BreathVRflow-final-color– Breath training for wellness

Breathe along with various integrative therapy techniques and

quickly find yourself more calm, happy and focused.

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Also see Institute of Transpersonal Psychology @ Sofia U

Our products have been listed under CoreReboot as one of the transformative technology providers with CoreReboot,



Educational Stress Relief through StarflightVR at EdRev April 16th

 CoreReboot shows products at the EdRev Tech Exhibit


EdRev (Education Revolution) is a unique day of information, resources, celebration and community for students who learn differently and the families and professionals who support them. Join Parents Education Network (PEN) to celebrate the eighth annual Education Revolution, EdRev 2016.

Now in its twelfth year, PEN is a coalition of parents collaborating with educators, students and the community to empower and bring academic and life success to students with learning and attention differences.

CoreReboot is proud to be contributing to this day of outreach. Please come join to get your very own guided experience of mobile VR.


heart shape by various vegetables and fruitsFor the Love of Food: Find Your Way Through the Jungle of Diets and Discover the Heart of Eating.

April 5- May 14, 2014

This highly personalized program harmonizes various nutritional styles, bringing you to a new level of awareness with healthy eating and food. more>

Recent Blog

Please find my newest stories to go with StarflightVR at the Huffington Post

These stories are meant to be read with the part of StarflightVR that is called “Story”. Please come and enjoy the mix of mobile VR and the strength of storytelling for stress relief.

Meeting Hades Stories for #StarflightVR with the Huffington Post

What if through the tunnels of the Story chapter within StarflightVR we could find the other. We could find Hades, and Hades could find himself?

What is it like to move into the surrealistic experience of an archetype? Virtual Reality just enhances the experience of being fully immersed in that very moment, and in this way, serves to stop our minds racing into other directions.

Conversations with Stress- a blog with the Huffington Post

Find the newest writings on stress relieving techniques and tools brought to you in a way that will enable you to absorb and experience the possibilities within you. A play in rhythm, art, innovation and psychophysiology. Experience the Now.shutterstock_169011983

Trauma Resolution

We work through past traumas both psychological as well as physical, reaching into prior events to find the root cause and heal them.


We design optimal weightloss programs that work at the core issues that led to and continue to create the weight problem

Stress Reduction

Through self awareness training, releasing of core issues that elevate stresses and multi-disicplinary tools to alleviate it on a daily basis, we help you to respond without reacting to the situations that bring about stress.

Self-Esteem Building

We work on the past issues that are holding you back, and examine current patterns and limiting beliefs to create a healthier and more vibrant picture of you.

Stress Release and Resilience Training

We work on enhancing your natural resilience, your ability to adapt well and recover quickly after stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy.

Productivity and Creativity

Experience heightened attention, and a highly focused mental state that increases creativity and productivity through the process of  awareness building and wholeness.

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Different Services for Different Groups

Individualized Personal Group Support

Through wellness and mental health support and coaching, either in-person or virtually, you’ll uncover and break through the barriers to achieving well-being.

Research and Wellness Consulting Services

Research and design of mental health and wellness programs that supplement services and differentiation for organizations and businesses.


Our proprietary methodology powers the accelerated changes experienced in individualized support and coaching and in the  programs we create for organizations.  It also serves as the backbone to our mobile Virtual Reality experiences which are built on extensive neuroscientific research and experience.  This unique form speeds healing, growth and productivity while making change fun.

Happy Woman“From the beginning of our work together, Dorote’s insightfulness and profound professionalism was very evident. She not only has a passion for her work, but also a gentle spirit that makes her shine! ” Joann,  Michigan