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authenticity Archives - Dorote Lucci

Thoughts on Stress

  Just a few thoughts to help reduce stress Try to pay attention to the present moment- Listening, observing and noticing our own emotions as they come and go, feeling our body sensations and being attentive to those around us and to the emotions they elicit in us. Try to pay attention to self and others-Be accepting of yourself and others, just as we are. Just as you feel it-just as it comes up for you in the moment. That does not mean that you have to act on every emotion or sensation. It is more about watching the emotions...

Emotions as a tool

Do you react to your emotions? Do you engage in a dialogue that can feel like it is unending after feeling an emotion? If we are able to let emotions pass through us like the wind and express that which is necessary in the moment and finally let them go with grace, we will be able to live our life fully and find peace at the same time. Emotions are there as neuropeptides in our body. They actually signal to us way before we become aware of our arising emotions. It is a a means of communication, a way to...