Women Leaning In-Stress Management Class

The Stress Buster

Are you wondering how you could deal with every day stresses, improve your health and be cool, calm and collected? Join Dorote in this eight-week workshop tailored for women to breathe out and lean into themselves, to learn how to deal with your stresses, find uniquely tailored solutions to empower you and help build and create a sustainable life you want to live on your own terms.

Dorote will help enable you to deal appropriately with stresses and emotional reactions. She will provide tools based on ancient health techniques so that you can powerfully embody the best version of yourself. The class will explore visualizations that can be used anytime, anywhere to shift stressful situations and socially awkward moments at work or at home.

We will be doing guided meditations, collage work, and creativity building. We will learn to leverage emotions instead of being at their mercy and we will explore body awareness and its roll in stress. The class environment is geared toward a safe and relaxing experience, to recharge and destress in a fun and easy way.



Instructors: Dorote Lucci
Location: Community Hall Portola valley – Main Room
Fee: $150
Date/Time: Fridays, 9/20 – 11/15 from 11:30am – 12:30pm