For the Love of Food: Find Your Way Through the Jungle of Diets and Discover the Heart of Eating.

This highly personalized program harmonizes various nutritional styles, bringing you to a new level of awareness with healthy eating and food.

One of the unique aspects of this program is the customized content: at the first class your interests and needs will be gathered and used to formulate the curriculum for the balance of the classes. A continuous feedback loop from student to teacher and back will continue to shape and personalize each class.

Using the latest research in neuroscience, behavior change and food science, you will learn how to manage food choices in a way that will sustain you for life, not just during illness. Each class in the 6-week series includes content about nutrition, guided imagery and meditative practices, movement, interactive exercises and home practice. This course is a high-level offering addressing not only what to eat, but creating a new consciousness about how to feed ourselves well.

INFORMATIONAL EVENING, March 26, 6 – 8 pm:

Program:  April 5 – May 17 (no class on April 12), 2014; 11am to 12:45pm

Please join Dorote Lucci and Patty McLucas for an Informational Evening presenting “For the Love of Food:  Find Your Way Through the Jungle of Diets and Discover the Heart of Eating.” This Informational Evening is an orientation describing the 6-week course starting at BCC in April. We will explain the trajectory of the course and practice together some of the activities that will be explored more in-depth in class, including movement, mindful tasting of foods, interactive exercises, and Q&A. If you feel confused about what to eat or how to feed your family, or exhausted by the negative messages you tell yourself about your relationship with food, you are not alone.

Join us on March 26 and bring your questions! [Please note: you do not have to attend the Informational Evening in order to attend the course.]