Flow and CoreReboot©

Flow and CoreReboot©

Integrating Technology, Science, Art, Body Psychology, visioning, and spirituality in innovative mind and brain changing ways!

In addition to my coaching and consulting work, I am creating a line of products based on the Embodiement™ and FLOW process.  CoreReboot has developed several apps built on extensive neural research and insights gained through private coaching  practice which speed healing and growth while making change fun. Check out StarflightVR for Android, and Apple.

Announcing FlowforBreathVR a unique way of immersive breath training to calm and deepen concentration, as well as to energize and refresh. Available for both Android and Apple.

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Want to stay young? Check out the latest research on Mindfulness and aging-


Check out what is happening in the world of neural research and the possibilities of changing your brain structure in a positive manner. http://m.medicalxpress.com/news/2013-10-affective-key-healthy.html

More scientific research can be found under the following programs that FLOW and Dorotelucci Llc follow and are training in-

CCARE at Stanford University-Compassion training


Dr. Daniel Siegel Mindsight System

“Our mission is to link science with practical applications
to cultivate mindsight skills and well-being.
We bring science to life.” – Dr. Dan Siegel