Business consulting Collage 300There are tremendous opportunities for clinics, companies and centers providing health and wellness services to increase their success through new programs and services.

I develop custom programs that help businesses increase their customer engagement, attract and retain more clients, increase revenue streams and ultimately to improve the bottom line with new and differentiated services.

Few businesses have the resources or expertise to develop new programs to address their client’s complex needs internally. I can help your business to grow and expand through new and differentiated capabilities.

Consulting Services

I work with clinics, wellness centers and health-based businesses to design programs  that complement existing services.  Your customers are looking for solutions that will bring about wholeness and well-being.  By investing in new and differentiated services you can increase the number of visits per client and the margins of the programs that you sell, substantially adding to your bottomline.

in addition to the design of individual services that can be delivered, I build and deliver workshops to reach specific audiences and that can be delivered in a variety of settings.

I can either deliver the workshop on site, or I can design the workshop and train the trainers so that your staff can provide the workshops throughout the year and in any location.

Many businesses can benefit from an assessment by an outside expert to determine areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.   I can provide an audit and assessment of your programs and services provide a detailed report of recommendations.

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Benefits to your Business

  • Find new sources of revenue with high margins to provide to existing clients  as well as potential new clients.
  • Differentiate your business from other services and attract more new clients as well as retain more of your existing base.
  • Establish more points of interaction and more reasons to engage with your customer base to extend and strengthen your relationships in cost effective ways.
  • Drive innovation in your business by sourcing the time, resources and expertise unavailable in your own staff.