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We all seek wholeness – that state we crave when we are at peace, feel fulfilled, are happy and experience general well-being.  We are healthier and more content when we are whole.

Fragmentation due to past traumatic events, every day stresses and ongoing suffering keeps us from experiencing that wholeness and the benefits physically and emotionally to our well-being. When we are whole we have crystal clear thinking  that can pull us out of a downward spiral. Wholeness can be developed through the use of tools that bring about awareness and enable us to pull ourselves out of any limiting situation.

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I work with individual patients and develop customized programs for each person based on their unique history, needs, goals and spiritual and emotional make-up to help them return to wholeness.  With a multidisciplinary toolbox of modalities at my disposal, I am able to design a program that will bring about the fastest and most effective change that not only brings about wholeness, but with results that last.

Learn more about the various modalities below.


Invizion®Coaching uses a mix of active imagination (a term coined by Jung) and guided meditation to guide you on your inner journey.

Specific coaching is available in the areas of relationships, weight and abundance or tailored to your needs.  You will experience a guaranteed shift of perspective after a very short time. This method is designed to enhance right brain capabilities and bypass the logical and analytical processing of the conscious mind long enough so that you are open to lasting shifts within the subconscious and access your innermost self.

This method helps create new neural pathways in a painless manner and helps enhance your own Intuitive Intelligence.

BodyTalk employs basic body psychology and so much more.

BodyTalk is a new and cutting-edge healing method which synthesizes and integrates many modern and ancient techniques. It is absolutely non-invasive and highly effective at the same time. It works in harmony and enables as well as speeds up the progress of any other healing method you might be following.

body Talk is an amalgamation of several traditional as well as modern techniques.  It is based on traditional chinese medicine and ayurveda as well as new state of the art science applications such as epigenetics and quantum physics.

How it Works

Using this method you will be asked to lie down, and after a brief conversation to determine your immediate needs, I will determine specific formulas resembling mathematical equations.  These are built to reconnect disconnected parts of your BodyMind.

This is followed by a tap out using an old hatha yoga technique, which consists of tapping the head and sternum lightly to bring attention to and remember the built formula. Your BodyMind is then able to heal itself according to the connections it has been reminded of and is thus able to reestablish homeostasis and balance. You might feel tired or refreshed after a treatment depending on the subject matter worked on. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments can be addressed in this manner. With this method we are looking to change your biological expression and clear old habitual patterns of the sub conscious.

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness practices involve guided meditations and techniques geared to help heal physical ailments, calm the mind and the emotions,  and unlock your full potential.

It is an easy and relaxing process that unleashes your hidden qualities and helps you gain full insight into your life. You will become conscious of your own patterns, thoughts, feelings and emotions and how these have helped shape the reality you live in at this moment in time. It is in becoming aware of these patterns and what we are creating with them that we ultimately gain a full understanding of ourselves and our own lives. We act rather than react. This is about becoming uniquely you and ultimately really trusting who you are.

Over the years and from hours of training and working with clients,  I have developed a highly effective methodology that is an amalgamation of the different modalities and teachings. Gowithyourflow™ is a proprietary, multidisciplinary approach that is being incorporated into an innovative interactive system delivered through mobile Virtual Reality and other tech innovative products. Depending on the specific needs of the individual, the product used may become an integral part of the awareness building and healing process.

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What You Can Expect

isolated Productive at work icons from white backgroundAccelerated Change

With custom-built programs understanding the specific issues and needs of the individual and applying the right modality and tool for the right problem, my patients achieve accelerated results.

There are no cookie cutter solutions that can be applied for a problem or an individual.  No two people are alike and no two problems.  With customized programs that take into account both the history and experiences of the individual along with an understanding of the core obstacles in specific problems, you can achieve more rapid results than traditional or single disciplinary approaches.

isolated Productive at work icons from white backgroundMeasured Outcomes

One of the biggest frustrations with therapy is the lack of measurement of progress.  For many physical disorders or states, there is a clear distinction of what is the current, “dis-eased” and the desired state, but it’s more difficult to recognize improvements in mental and emotional states and to maintain progress until the desired state is achieved.

I have developed a means to measure concretely the changes that are occurring and to help the client to track this progress,.  Well-being can be scientifically measured on a spectrum from complete fragmentation to complete wholeness.

isolated Productive at work icons from white backgroundLasting Results

We not only want to change, but we want those changes to last.  A short-cut that is short-lived means that we are repeating the process over again.

The processes that I have learned and developed not only produce accelerated changes, but they provide outcomes that last. By getting at the core of the issue, we are able to address the primary factors creating the fragmentation, and can bring about wholeness more quickly while also ensuring that it is truly addressed. I provide tools to maintain the changes over the course of the program as well as how to ensure continued health after our time is finished.

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