Download Information About Stress Through Poetry, Painting and Innovation?

Download Information About Stress Through Poetry, Painting and Innovation?

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“The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything.” — Bill Murray


The experiment of experiencing
in a blog
The process of
stress relief
in a blog
Of Mindfulness
in a blog
Working in rhythms
Working with paintings
Working with innovation

Not through sheer blocks of facts and numbers
But a feeling
A new way
Of coming to information
Of rewiring brain and patterns2014-10-31-Depositphotos_14696337_l.jpg

Through beauty and art and information
Through insight2014-10-31-QuantizedResonance.jpg

and technology

Stress conversations is the topic
it is
constant and everywhere
Overstimulated we dive from one
noisy environment to the next
Sometimes we do not even realize
how far we are
in that maze
that hamster wheel
Where we could be thinking ourselves
to death2014-10-31-think_yourself_to_death_by_thames_1776531612.jpg

not all stress is bad —
Eustress keeps us alive and striving forward
with curiosity and open mindedness
Sometimes it changes2014-10-31-torus_ii.jpg

It flips
Into fight flight
Into freeze
But then sometimes
we cannot move forward anymore
We spin

Let’s play with our ability to wire and rewire our brain connections
Let’s explore the ways we can create
that stillness
when we want
when we need
to refuel
and refresh ourselves
Let’s find something entirely new
A new habit, a new way
A new rhythm
A new feeling
Of ease, peace and flow

So many figures and numbers around stress
of clinical tests
of knowledge
we find it so hard to shift
out of that loop2014-10-31-causestress.jpg

The stress loop
Let’s journey into our own stillness
build these pieces like a puzzle

Come and join on the journey to rewire the brain
By experiencing the information
Not stacking it
Not straining to remember
To remember what to do
just flowing right into it
Like a sensation stored
That we can upload
at will
When stressful experiences come our way
When stressful experiences hound us
Explosions of energy consume the body
When everything
Is cacophony, and turmoil
When we retreat
Then instead
We could choose to upload the experience
and flow

In every part of our being
Through every part of our being
We won’t remember
our facts and figures around stress
in that moment of spin
we will be able to pull out that
stored sensation
feel more clarity and peace

In that very moment
Let’s shift our perspective
of stress
for a minute —
What if
Life is reaching out its hand to us?
Speaking to us
What if, we took the hand?
What if we stayed
What if we stayed with that sensation?
What if that was our biggest teacher?
To stay
Not run
Just slow down
Let your muscles relax
with your breath
Just feel your breath
You are already rewiring your brain

Right now
Just one moment
When you are not running in the thinking wheel
into the spin
Just feel your breath
Maybe for one
Maybe for two breaths
at a time
Feel your body
Settling into the moment
Feel the rhythm of happiness
Welcome to the journey2014-10-31-exponential.jpg

Art work

Eric J. Heller Gallery, digital fine art. Where science inspires art and art informs science

Some of the science behind stress relief techniques-

MBSR-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts-medical school

Dr. Dan Siegel-interpersonal neurobiology at the Mindsight Institute

Robert Sapolsky-stress specialist and researcher
in the NY Times

Author of “Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers”

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