Experiencing Information The Project

Experiencing Information The Project

For the last year, I have been trying to write a blog about my work as a Mindfulness Coach guiding people through their emotions, stress and past experiences to find answers within themselves,and be fully in the Now.  I’m utterly frustrated. We are continuously hit by so much information that I’d rather not add to the noise. I have written a few posts, but I find them difficult to write and once you’ve read them, you have the ideas placed in your head like a block.  A concept block. Then when you want to use it, you have to remember to use it.  It’s not one of your regular tools, it’s sitting off to the side. So you make a note to use it.  Add it to your list. And now it’s one more thing to do. One more thing that adds to the stress and the failure and the hopelessness. I can’t write that.


So I stopped.


And took a deep breath.


I imagined what it would be like to integrate new information. Not collect and stack it, like blocks,  but feel it and employ senses to process it. To truly integrate it, rather than remembering it, you would FEEL it. Experience it and experiment with it. The information would become relevant. Events would unfold differently for you because you had learned to live a new idea.  It’s no longer a concept that you intellectually understand and repeat, but a living possibility for an insight, and a connection to yourself and others. To integrate the information, you would have to experience the information, not simply read it.


I am exploring how to experience information, to bring  you valuable tools for your self development in a non-conventional way. I’ll use  visuals, cadence, language, and possibly to sound to communicate on a different wavelength. I invite you to join me on my journey to find another way to connect with self and others through a blog. We could encounter all our unnoticed possibilities, rediscover our source of energy, and experience total and full self acceptance. Please join me on an exploratory journey and feel free to contribute with pictures, graphs and sounds, or anything that you may find useful. Let’s experience the information.