An Interview with Colette Baron-Reid

An Interview with Colette Baron-Reid

Colette is a wonderful force of nature with an incredible eye for the inner workings of the human intuition. Her newest project is the IN-Vizion® Coaching Technique. Based on Jungian archetypal principles it is a process that guides one through the subconscious in a rich voyage of images, which in the end reveal one’s own intuition and imagination.

A voyage toward self-awareness.

I met Colette at her very first IN-Vizion training and have been honored to lead people through their landscapes and dreams ever since then.

The IN-Vizion process is a one of a kind coaching process that lets you get in touch with your emotions and thoughts in an easy effortless way. The subconscious speaks in symbols and in the rich language of visioning that has been used in Jung’s active imagination and voice dialogue-

As Jung says”to the extent that I managed to translate the emotions into images-that is to say, to find the images which were concealed in the emotions-I was inwardly calmed and reassured”. This coaching tool lends itself to be learned by all as quick check in to oneself

“What is happening to me right now?”

It provides a pause, a moment to check in with self and temporary relief.

The sacred pause


Dorote: What made you develop your IN-Vizion process as it is now?

Colette: IN-Vizion has been in the works for almost 20 years. At the stage it is now I see this as a unique empowerment strategy to be used as a skill in any kind of practitioner or coach/client dialog .Trial and error, seeing what worked and what didn’t, brought me to where I am now with it as a tool for coaches who want to help move their clients from a challenging pattern into an empowered receptive state of mind. It’s a unique and creative way to support real transformation for your clients without entering the territory of therapy.

What is the one thing you love the most about the IN-Vizion Process?

The one thing I love most about the IN-Vizion Process is that it WORKS ! I’m continually amazed at how quickly coaches can see a shift in their clients when they apply it.

How do you incorporate the Jungian shadow element in your process?

Jung’s process of active imagination is the engine to my process, giving space to the fascinating Unconscious to deliver deep and meaningful content to help the person orient themselves and navigate their way forward.

I also incorporated the Shadow element in the process by including a dialog with a creature found in fairy tales. The goblin is a character that symbolizes the disowned aspects of the self born when a person is psychologically fragmented and wounded. The fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin’s story message was a warning that ” if you can’t name your goblin, your first born will belong to him”, stressing the importance of acknowledging this part of us that we repress or deny even though it also has gifts to bestow.

Where do you see your work in 5 years from now?

Hopefully I will continue to be inspired to keep writing, and speaking about personal transformation and consciousness. But I also plan on returning to make more music and incorporate art into my speaking.

Tell us about the best part of your work.

The best part of my work is seeing other people transformed by it and knowing full well this whole process was inspired by so many great thinkers, and that I am playing only a small role in helping people move forward to become whole authentic healthy productive creative people. I love teaching and creating! I really see my work as art.

What is one of your typical days like?

Get up, make coffee, play with dogs, read for 45 minutes, then bring husband coffee, get ready, start writing, coach a couple clients, do an intuitive consult, good weather hubby and me ride our Harley’s for 2 hours at lunch, back to work til 630 then play guitar/ light work out and watch the Voice or some other show we love. We like routine.

Who is your inspiration and role model?

I have a few people who inspire me… Jung and Einstein for their genius of course, writer Anne Lammott for her unwavering humor and self honesty, Louise Hay for starting Hay House in her late 50s., Dion Fortune for her rebellious curiosity and commitment to spiritualism in the early 1900s, Ru Paul for his audacity and complete authenticity.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?

I would love to meet all the Delphic oracles and throw a dance party. We wouldn’t need to say a thing.

And I would love to meet my mother now and show her who I have become, look her in the eye so she knows that I have truly come to respect admire and love her, something I was unable to do in life.

Thank you Colette-always wonderful speaking with you.

If you are interested in Tarot cards please also check out her deck “The Map”, it goes with the landscapes that we experience throughout life.