Hoarding weight

Hoarding weight

Is it possible to hoard weight?

As spring cleaning draws near the thoughts on what I need and what I should discard abound.  What things in my house have no purpose? What are the things that carry “bad” memories that I keep because I feel like I should? The old tea set my father gave me for my first wedding is there in the dining room. I look at it and for a minute and I see my ex husband and then my father, then my first wedding, then in a flash all memories associated with disappointment and broken dreams. Nice- I mean really-do I want to keep this set? Every time I look at it I feel heavy. But it’s expensive. But my father gave it to me. But I shouldn’t.

Time to clean up-I will sell the silver tea set.

How many items do you have in your home that remind you of how you should be rather than of how you are now? What are you clinging on to? What are you afraid of releasing? Because we all tend to seek the familiar. Those patterns have kept us alive, they have protected us for so long-we feel we need them. So, we miss the moment because we are replaying some old story. We are surrounded by our old stories in our house, our office, maybe even our car. The fear of the Unknown keeps us there, locked away in the dark unable to experience the present fully and be awake to all the possibilities life has to offer.

It is the same with the house of the body.

We tend to treat our bodies the way we treat our homes.We feel protected behind these layers, hiding from view and making sure that our old patterns, stories and belief systems protect us.

This spring I invite you to release and welcome in the new.

Take a breath, then another. Check how your body is feeling. Release any tension in your muscles. now focus on what surrounds you. Observe it without judgement and open up to the present moment and the possibilities it holds. Go out into nature, breathe in sunshine and vitamin D, calm your pancreas’ sugar cravings by embracing exercise in nature and enjoy the release that comes with letting go.


"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."      Carl R. Rogers